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You will learn how to make beautiful toys out of wool. You can communicate with like-minded people. Share your knowledge and acquire new ones.

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Jana Toys Needle Felting Community
Jana Toys Needle Felting Community
Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

How does Jana Toys Needle Felting Community work?

This site will help you gain skills in creating needle-felted wool toys

Learning how to needle-felt wool toys can be a great experience. From crafting adorable animals to intricate sculptures, the possibilities are endless. You can turn wool fibers into unique art with just a few basic supplies.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter, this website is here to help you become a master of needle felting. You can quickly create beautiful, handmade toys with step-by-step tutorials and helpful tips. Let’s get started on your needle-felting journey today!

All it takes is 3 simple steps…

Step 1: Create a free account

Enter your name, email, and password. You can also create your account in 1 click – by authorizing through Google.

Step 2: Watch the course

After watching the course and making a toy, you will understand if you are interested in needle felting or not.

In this course, you learn how to make a character using the needle felting technique. Learn the artist’s creative process and the secrets to giving your toy color, texture, and life. Enjoy learning from home without a set schedule and with an easy-to-follow method. You set your own pace.

  • Voiced in multiple languages
  • All stages are considered in detail
  • High quality video
Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

Step 3: Join the group page dedicated to the course

This group allows you to interact with other members, ask questions, share knowledge, and provide mutual encouragement.

By participating in this group, you can build supportive relationships with like-minded individuals who understand their struggles and doubts. With collective support, you can develop new skills more quickly while honing existing ones on their way to success.

Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

Jana Toys Project Story

When I started needle felting, there was little information out there. But that didn’t stop me from falling in love with the craft!

I’m passionate about bringing people together who share my enthusiasm for needle felting and making their creative dreams come true.

My website allows needle felters to find helpful tips, resources, friendly conversation, and inspiring ideas.

Let’s go on this creative journey together, from finding supplies to making toys!

Our members are almost like family. We miss each other. Some even call us a second home 🙂

Hear From Our Members

I want to thank you for your knowledge and experience! Excellent lessons, understandable, with many subtleties, nuances, and secrets. Studying at the Jana Toys Needle Felting Community helped me understand what prevented me from moving forward and gave me basic knowledge. It significantly added to my stock of skills both on a theoretical and practical level.

I recommend Jana’s school. Thanks a lot!

Jana Toys - Jana Toys


I am grateful to fate for meeting such a fabulous sunny person like Jana. Everything around her, she charges with positive faith in herself. Jana is a great teacher. She skillfully built learning in an online school, immediately setting a high bar for her students. And everyone copes because the master class is clearly structured, and the material is presented in small portions in an understandable, accessible form. Jana not only taught the felting technique and its various ways but also shared her secrets and the subtleties of work.

Jana Toys - Jana Toys


Jana’s master classes are always held at the highest level. Jana is our inspiration when creating a felted toy. You get such pleasure from the result that you want to come to this master and be inspired many more times. Thank you, Jana, for your work!

Jana Toys - Jana Toys


Jana Toys Needle Felting Community

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about Jana Toys? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please write to us in the chat at the bottom right corner of the screen or to info@jana.toys

Who should use Jana Toys Community?

This website is an ideal destination for newcomers and experienced needle felting practitioners. Here, visitors will discover something worthwhile and captivating regardless of their previous exposure to the craft.

What’s required to use Jana Toys Community?

Having access to the internet is all you need to be able to use a website whenever you want and from any device of your choice. Whether it be a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, all can be used to use Jana Toys Needle Felting Community with just an internet connection.